Web Analytics

Why Web Analytics?

What is the return on your AdWords, SEO, Facebook and / or LinkedIn campaign? An online movie, is it really useful? Companies are increasingly active online, but have no idea how the visitors get to the website and what they do on the website. To get insight in your campaign and make your online campaign measurable, it is important to use Web Analytics.

What is Web Analytics?

Web Analytics tools offer a lots of data and  insights in the use of your website. It visualizes the traffic to and on your website. With Web Analytics you can get answers to the following questions:

  • How did my visitors find my website? (Traffic Analysis)
  • What is the ROI on my online campaign? (Conversion Tracking)
  • How do visitors experience my website? (Web Usability)

What can Expand Online do for you?

The Analytics professionals from Expand Online can help you analyse and interpret your web analytics data. With these insights we can provide you with a customized advice to improve the return on your website.
Expand Online can help you install and configure Google Analytics for your website. Our monthly reports contain relevant statistics and graphs, including historical comparisons. This gives you insights in number of visitors, traffic sources, landing pages, and more!