eCommerce Productfeed Optimizer

Expand Online has released a brand new inhouse developed eCommerce tool; the eCommerce Productfeed Optimizer. With this tool, the information structure of the productfeed is optimized so that it meets all of Google’s requirements. This makes it possible to advertise with Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) on Google Shopping and utilize the possibilities that Dynamic Remarketing have to offer.
One of the main features of the eCommerce Productfeed Optimizer is the ability to enrich the productfeed with relevant product information and custom labels. Besides adding more product information, the tool also makes it very easy to customize information within the productfeed, without the need to make modifications to the online shop.
Advantages of using the eCommerce Productfeed Optimizer:

  • Increased visibility of your product range, which results in more profit from Google AdWords.
  • No more advertising on products that are out of stock. The product range of online shops often fluctuates per week or day. The eCommerce Productfeed Optimizer monitors your productfeed and automatically adds new products to your Google Shopping campaign. It also removes products that are out of stock, so you’ll only advertise on products that your can actually sell.
  • Bidmanagement strategy based on your return on investment (ROI) instead of cost per conversion (CPA). The eCommerce Productfeed Optimizer makes it possible to label every product based on price or margin. This allows Expand Online to perform more in depth optimizations based on revenue, instead of costs.

To experience all of the benefits the eCommerce Productfeed Optimizer has to offer, fill in our contact form and get a demo from one of our consultants.