Link building for the benefit of SEO

Your website can technically and in terms of content be put together really well, but without links from other websites you will not gain a high position in Google. An important part of Google’s algorithm still consist of assessing incoming links on quantity and especially quality. By using link building, Expand Online gives your website a powerful link profile. Linkbuilding happens in the following way:

Off-site-analyse: mapping your current link profile

Before we help you obtain new links we to need to map your link profile. The analysis of the links to your website serves as baseline and as check that you don’t receive damaging links. In this analysis we also look at links to your competitors websites to see if and how they use SEO, in particular link building.

Link building strategy in combination with online PR

When we have a clear image of where your website now stands and perhaps have gained some inspiration from your competitors, we will get started with link building. If there is low hanging fruit in the form of e.g. home pages, then we will first go after those links. After we have dealt with the low hanging fruit we continue with link building projects that often resemble online PR. A common variant is creating and sharing articles, infographics, a contest, a whitepaper or other interesting content. Even sponsoring a major league club contributes to your link building.

Curious what Expand Online can do for you?

Would you like to know here your link profile stands now, or do you fear for damaging links? We will gladly perform a free SEO scan.

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