SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

Besides advertising with Google, there is also the possibility to advertise with Microsoft Bing. Basically the bidding- and advertising process is the same as Google, but the competition in Bing is a lot lower. That means that usually the average cost per click is a lot lower than in Google, which can result in lower costs per conversion or lead.

Expand Online is a Bing Accredited Professional Company and has specialised Microsoft Bing consultants.

Internationale Search Engine Campaigns

Do you have international ambition? Or do you currently already have an international target audience? Expand Online has a lot of experience with international search engine campaigns. Expand Online manages and optimizes international Search Engine Campaigns in more than 50 countries and in at least 13 languages. We also have experience with the Russian Search Engine Yandex and the Chinese Search Engine Baidu. This guarantees your findability in your target countries.

Would you like to get more return from your Search Engine Advertising?

By means of a free SEA scan, Expand Online gives you a good understanding of your current performance. All your campaigns will be analysed on the basis of their account structure, keyword performance, bids, advertisement quality and conversion power. Our specialists are also happy to look, together with you, at the position of Search Engine Advertising in your online marketing strategy.