Facebook Advertising

Expand Online offers Facebook advertising. You tell us who you want to reach and we’ll make sure your Facebook ads will only be shown to your target audience.
Ads or vacant jobs, our online marketers will take care of all the time consuming efforts to publish and optimize your Facebook advertising campaign. Through our experience we will be able to give you a good ROI on your Facebook advertising expenses. To launch a Facebook advertising campaign we’ll follow these steps:

1. Writing your ads

After we’ve determined your target audience we’ll write persuasive text ads and add a logo of your company, product or service.

2. Publishing the campaign

Expand Online will apply your target audience properties on the Facebook ads (i.e. young professionals in the age range of 20-30 years old in the Netherlands)

3. Appearances / Views

Your ads will appear at premium positions on Facebook pages visited by your targeted Facebook users.

4. Results

On a regular basis Expand Online will send you a status report. This report will provide you with the most important statistics of your campaign.


Expand Online offers a complete package for Facebook advertising for only € 899 per campaign. Ask one of our Online Marketing Advisors for more information.