With retargeting you reach relevant visitors as soon as they visit a different website. This way you ensure that potential customers or applicants stay in touch with your organization during their orientation process. Retargeting trackers can be installed on all the important target pages.

Retargeting: High CTR on your banners and low costs per conversion

By using retargeting you can show potential customers tuned shopping lists based on parts of the site they have visited. A list of advantages:

  • Implementation of banners with tuned shopping lists per visited service or product
  • Re-approach relevant target audiences
  • Qualitative traffic and low costs per conversion
  • High CTR and low CPC in comparison with other Display channels
  • The power of repetition!

Being visible and found on the right sites, with the right message, is worth gold to us. That definitely gives us a lead.

Noortje Poot, Marketeer Arbeidsmarktcommunicatie Laurens

What can Expand Online mean for you?

To get started with Retargeting, Expand Online guides the installation of retargeting trackers on your website. Once that’s done, Expand Online builds target audiences consisting of visitors from different parts of your website. We develop relevant banners per selected target audience. Visitors who have left your website will be targeted by various retargeting tactics, like:

  • Retargeting on premium websites such as the AD, Elsevier and Nu.nl
  • Remarketing for Similar Audiences
  • Remarketing for Search
  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Facebook, Twitter and YouTube retargeting

Expand Online continuously measures the return per channel and constantly tests different banner displays, to ensure increasing results during the campaign.