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Google’s search results consist of (at least) two sections: the paid search results (see AdWords) and the organic search results. Search Engine Optimization is the process where Expand Online helps you in increasing the number of visitors, leads and customers you get out the organic search results of Google and other search engines. Expand Online recognizes three aspects of SEO:

  1. Technical SEO: To what degree are all pages and all content that you want to appear in Google’s search results accessible, and where are you impeding Google?
  2. Content: Do the texts on your website match what potential visitors type in Google? Are you missing out on opportunities to address more and more relevant searchers?
  3. Off-site SEO: How can you receive more and higher quality links from other websites pointing to yours in order to improve your authority on the web?

What could Expand Online do for you?

You can trust us with the entire process of search engine optimization, from analyses, implementation support and the monitoring of results. We distinguish ourselves by choosing for durable SEO results instead of short-term solutions. During your collaboration with Expand Online you can count on our team of experienced SEO consultants to take care of:

  • SEO analyses that leave no stone unturned
  • Structural improvements to your website, both on a technical and content level
  • A continually improving link profile
  • These optimizations will lead to higher positions in Google on relevant keywords
  • If applicable to your business, a focus on a local presence in the region(s) you operate in
  • More and more relevant visitors to your website coming from Google
  • Using advanced SEO tools, like our SEO dashboard 
  • Pro-active communication and insightful SEO reports

De dames en heren van Expand zoeken altijd de grens op van wat er mogelijk is. Uitdagingen gaan ze niet uit de weg en ze delen hun kennis tijdens hun werkzaamheden zodat de interne kennis groeit. Echter is het belangrijkste in de samenwerking met Expand dat ze meedenken met ons bedrijf, nieuwe kansen aandragen en niet bang zijn om afspraken op basis van prestaties te maken waardoor het een win-win voor beide partijen is!

Direct Wonen Kevin Veenman, Online Marketeer

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