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Do you want to achieve maximum results from AdWords? With Google AdWords, Expand Online generates relevant traffic and more conversions on your website. You only pay per click (PPC). Our online marketing tools and industry specific knowledge will increase your AdWords ROI.

What could Expand Online do for you?

Our team of 35 certified AdWords consultants use their passion to realize maximum online return for our clients. By intensively following online developments, innovating through new features and maintaining a high ROI, we ensure adding true value to your campaigns. 

To apply AdWords more efficiently, Expand Online has developed various Google AdWords tools, such as the eCommerce Product Feed and the Quality Score Tool.

Collaborating with Expand Online means:

  • Focus on qualitative visitors and conversions
  • Use of in-house developed AdWords tools
  • Proactive communication with certified consultants
  • Profiting from new features through our Google Partnership
  • Custom-built SEA reports
  • Sharing knowledge by providing AdWords workshops

We have been working with Expand Online for over 3 years. Our Expand account manager actively thinks along about increasing our online sales. Despite our SEA collaboration, we also get SEO oriented advice. Due to the fact that we feel like we are in a partnership, makes us extremely satisfied with Expand Online!


Noor Waardijk, Owner, Waardijk Schoenen

Achieve Campaign Goals

Google AdWords can, among other things, be utilized to achieve the following campaign goals:

  • eCommerce: more transactions through your website
  • eRecruitment: more applications for your vacancies
  • Lead generation: increasing relevant visitors and leads
  • eTravel: more online reservations and achieving brand awareness
  • Branding: higher brand awareness among your target segment

Maximize your AdWords performance?

By means of a noncommital AdWords Scan you will gain insights into the current results of your AdWords account. Your campaigns will be screened based on keywords, account structure, bids, ad copy quality and conversion strength.

You do not have an AdWords account yet?

We will advise you about search volumes, expected cost per click and conversions, without formal engagement. 


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